Don't Deny what you've been longing for…..

Welcome to the first step to Serenity...

Take a break from the mundane and escape for a fun afternoon or evening filled with laughter, conversation, flirting with a genuinely kind and caring mature woman with a down to earth personality.  You will feel comfortable in my presence and probably feel like we have known each other for years. 

I am a Michigan Based Independent Serenity Consultant.  My personality is a fun loving, free spirit who is just as fun in public as in private.  You will never need to worry about public outings with me, I dress to impress, classicly sexy.  Take your pick, an LBD, business suit, business casual, jeans and a sweater...All equally enticing.  I am all natural, long dark hair,  mesmerizing blue eyes, completed with a warm and welcoming sensual smile.  I am in the prime of my life, I know myself and what I want.  Now you can reap the rewards!!!

Just as you are a discerning gentleman who is selective with whom you spend your time with, I am extremely particular in my selection process.  Our time together is very special to me and my true focus is to make you happy.  Therefore, our compatibility is of the utmost importance.  Please show me you are a mature, respectable gentleman when you first contact me.  Tell me about yourself, what your favorite food is, your most memorable vacation spot, what is on your bucket list, etc.,.  I don't respond to one line or word emails, it simply shows someone who is not serious and is lacking in manners.

The truth is I am not for everyone, I am interested in a true connection and an ongoing friendship.  If my words resonate with you and you have decided we are compatible, please click on the Consultation Request button below to begin the process! 

Blake xoxo